Java Time was born of a need for local venues where customers could rely on excellence in quality and service, and an environment designed to calm and appease. Before we introduced the authentic coffee culture experience to Riyadh, locals had never considered coffee as anything more than a hot brewed drink, often stale and bitter, purchased from a vending machine, and with very little variety.

We realized that coffee had the potential to become a part of daily life in Riyadh. In all its many flavors and assorted blends, coffee offered a world as yet unexplored by Riyadanians—a delectable journey upon which they had not yet embarked. We wondered if the coffee culture, so relished in other parts of the world, might find a place in Riyadh. Excited by the prospect, we decided we had to find out.

Our first objective was to learn everything we could about the coffee industry for ourselves. If we were to market the revered coffee bean, we needed to become experts. We spent the next two years learning about coffee: how the plants are grown, how the beans are cultivated and tilled, the optimal time for picking, and so on. We became masters in the fine art of roasting and brewing. We devoted ourselves to absorbing as much knowledge as we could about the extraordinary world of coffee—the tiny bean that yields so much magic.